What's a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is submitted by your browser on your computer when you surf the Internet. This file is a completely harmless text file, it is used to store some information on your connection.
This file is generated by the server and is sent to your browser. This is the browser that save the file on your hard drive.

Use of Cookies by Masterfashionlab:
When a user connects to the user session, the user name and password are used in all private access pages to be identified.
Thus only the user has access to his personal data and his private space, allowing him only access and the protection of its information.
Masterfashionlab uses cookies for navigation and use of personal data used in the training of each student.

Important: if cookies are rejected by the user's browser, the information used when connected will be non-existent and will cause malfunctions and errors in the data backup.